“We are Both Storytellers comes out of a BFA thesis research project started in September of 2020, which explores the relationships of oral storytelling, poetics, and folk music, contrasted with the state of contemporary media consumerism.

At the root of this pursuit, is a familiar feeling: that of a story, told directly in front of you, captured in an excerpt from John Berger’s Our Faces, My Heart, as Brief as Photos.

    “We are both storytellers. Lying on our backs, we look up at the night sky.”

Behind this feeling, is a reminder that contextual surroundings are as much part of experiencing a story as the literal narrative. These elements are baked in to stories; they are irreproducible, and therefore non-commodifiable.
As the culmination of this research, We are Both Storytellers is an experiment in conjuring a rare sense of wonder around a narrative– one which is in dialogue with the present moment, both physically and psychologically.

The place is here, in my apartment, in South Brooklyn. The objects were bought from a local architectural salvage, or found on the curb. They are a grounding of place and history, carrying the characteristic gothic revival styles of the area.

The time is now: at the germination of life, out of the darkness and in to the light.”

Brooklyn, NY – May 2021

Research essay imposed over final piece. 
©Bart Ranci 2022